About Us

Stony Creek Elementary 



Our Mission:Through responsive teaching and meaningful relationships, educators motivate, inspire, and empower students to learn and grow.

Our Vision:  At Stony Creek Elementary, caring and acceptance thrive alongside discovery and learning.


School Mascot: Miner

School Colors: Blue and Silver

Stony Creek will have a respectful and safe environment. Where: 

  • Students will learn to be responsible and are challenged by a variety of learning experiences 
  • Students will become creative thinkers and problem solvers
  • Teachers concentrate on quality time for instruction 
  • Excellence is emphasized 
  • Students and teachers pride themselves on outstanding workmanship

The eight beliefs, according to Jefferson County Public School’s Strategic Plan are:

  1. All children can learn basic skills and achieve high standards.
  2. Our public schools are essential institutions that reflect community values and prepare students to participate fully in our democratic society.
  3. We recognize that student learning is impacted by life circumstances that are beyond the control of the school district; however, we are committed to all children achieving high standards and becoming successful, contributing members of society.
  4. Our schools, as part of a community system, must work collaboratively with families, other human service institutions, businesses, and higher education to prepare students for future success.
  5. Schools are primarily responsible for ensuring that students learn; however, as students mature, they must assume increasingly greater responsibility for their own learning.
  6. Respect includes valuing differences among people, honoring people as our greatest resource, and giving people quality choices.
  7. Parents are responsible for working in partnership with the school and community to support, encourage and participate in their child’s learning.
  8. We are committed to continuous improvement and lifelong learning.


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